Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun Fest

Today our office shut down at 1pm so we could all go outside and enjoy some team activities - I had the best time with my team and it was all so much fun!

My team was called the El Dorado Hill 'Billies' and our team chant was:

Well I know that we ain't pretty,
But we're the best in this here city,
We'll take that reward if you please,
We're the El Dorado Hill Billies - YEE HAW!

Our attire consisted of straw hats, bandanas, a piece of straw (but it was actually lavendar), and as you can see, I fit the part with my Completely Cornfed t-shirt from Iowa!

Dipna (of the Krazie 8's) and Marcie (El Dorado Hill Billy)

Front: Dustin, Kam, Me
Back: Clint, Tres, Doug, Kevin, Tracie, Rian

For starters, the organizers had the Back 40 come in and cater our lunch for us, which consisted of chicken, a beef bisque (I think), potato salad, baked beans, and salad. It was super yummy...

The first event that was held was a hot dog eating competition. My teammate, Tres, was voted to do this since he was out of the office the day we had our team meeting :) I, however, was his back up... thank goodness he pulled through! I think it was a tie for 2nd place, but he got bumped to 3rd place... bummer...

Tres man handling the hot dogs

Shayne, Garnto (The winner), Jeff, and Bert

Second in events was a group balloon toss - those things always make me nervie for some reason. And true to my form, I had to toss it to Veronica and in mid-air it turned all long and lop-sided and splattered all over the tennis court. A bunch of people got knocked out at the same time as we did, so I didn't feel quite so sucky.

The third event was the 3 legged sack race, which Kam and I did together - we could not get coordinated and she even tried to carry me during our 'practice' time! Luckily, we had to run bases at the ball field, so we just went from home plate to first and handed it off to the next couple on our team - who by the way, made up for the time we lost!

Fourth was the bat-n-beer (root beer by the way) race, which I was 'lucky' enough to participate in. I thought I had a good plan in my head of how I was going to do it, but it went straight out the window once I went around the bat about 4 times. I swear, the guy keeping track of our 10 turns kept saying '7' over and over! At one point I even shut one of my eyes because I always thought that 'helped' when I was drunk! It didn't... I spent most of my time in the sand fumbling around and after the 10th turn, I was handed a cup of root beer to guzzle - needless to say, I decided to just dump it on my face and make up some time... but trying to run back was a feat and I ended up stumbling and crawling over the line to tag my next partner.
Justin spinning

Dina drinking after spinning

The last line of events was the dunk tank. We got to select somebody to dunk and most of the people were upper management and a couple other guys who were good sports... I never did get to throw the ball, which I'm ok with now. It made me think back to last month when my nephew made fun of how I threw the ball when we were playing catch (ok, I was catching and he was chasing) and I decided that if an 8 year old was making fun of how I threw, at least my coworkers wouldn't be joining in! See, hindsight is 20/20...

Dipna and Me - too cool for the dunk tank

Once the dunk tank was done, awards were handed out and guess what? The Hill Billies took 2nd place!! That's right, baby... we got gift certificates to a place in town and a nice silver medal that our team captain claimed!

We're 4th from the bottom - 2nd place!

Kevin and his Daisy Dukes taking 2nd Place for the team

The weather was great, the food was good, and the atmosphere was in high spirits - I wish we could do this every day....


Two blessings from above said...

Looks like Fun fest was a great time.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where's the corn??? Aren't you from Iowa? Corn2Cali?? Huh? We still haven't had any. I might have to eat it at the Ia. State Fair next week!!


Anonymous said...

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