Monday, November 12, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lucky Girl

A few months back, Jason bought us tickets to go see Maroon5 in concert at Arco Arena (where the NBA team the Sacramento Kings play their home games)...and let me tell you, it was fabo!

Opening acts were Phantom Planet (friends of Maroon5 from L.A.) and The Hives (a group from Sweden). Phantom Planet had a small set up on stage since they were sharing with The Hives, so they didn't have too much room to run around, but they were really energetic.

Then, The Hives came out - I thought the lead singer was a crackpot from the way he was probing the crowd for, he was doing the Hulk Hogan hand wave up to his ear - you know what I'm talking about? I was a little annoyed, but there was something about them that I dug. Maybe it was the fact that they all had on black suits with fat black and white striped ties? By the time they were done with their set, I was totally digging on them...the lead singer was SO energetic and just got the crowd absolutely pumped up! It was so much fun watching them...

Ta-da....then the big guns came out... I love Maroon5! Adam Levine = Meow...

Besides the fact that the tallest man in Sacramento County was sitting in front of me [thanks, J for trading seats so I could see :) ] that band never slowed down! I looooved it...the music rocked, the lighting was cool, and the stage had a slight walkway out into the crowd... I love live concerts! Too bad I wasn't able to hear much the next day, but it was well worth it :)

Thanks for the tickets, Jase - I had a great time!