Friday, May 16, 2008

Not Shaken...but Stirred

Something is going on inside of me. Not sure what it is, but it's a feeling that I can't quite explain.

It reminds me of when I got the 'confirmation' that I was supposed to move westward - it's a combination of excitement, anxiousness, nervousness - but in a good way.

I think God is stirring some things inside of my heart and I'm so exctied to see what it is! I have to remind myself about God and the timing in which He answers our prayers - yes, no, or wait - lucky me, I'm waiting. (sigh)

Aside from that, today was possibly one of the most stressful days that I've had at a job - you know the kind of day where you just want to get up, take your car keys, and walk out? Nobody would know where you went, you were just gone. Toodles. I have always been so good about letting things roll off my back when it comes to my job, but seriously...this took the cake. All is good now that I'm home and got to talk to my good friend on the phone...always puts things into perspective for me!

And can I just let you know how excited I am to be going home in a couple of weeks? What is it with me and WAITING?! I hate waiting. I just want to be there already - seeing my friends, hugging my niece and nephew, talking to my family - oh, and eating a good meal! My mouth waters when I smell somebody grilling at the complex...mmmm....

As much frustration that comes of these 'stirred' up feelings, I know it's all good and the reward will be great!


Two blessings from above said...

I will be praying that everything comes together for you.

I hope you have a nice week at work and all the stress is behind you.

How exciting to have that feeling again and not know where this feeling will take you. But, to trust God that He will lead you to where you are suppose to be.

Have a great trip, home!
The Midwest is really pretty right now with everything that is in bloom.
Take care

Anonymous said...

I will be prayin' for ya. Just try to hear that "still small voice". It, er, He isn't so small sometimes (He is never small, but you get my point!!!)!!!
Rebecca C.