Saturday, May 24, 2008


First and foremost, thank you to all of you that lifted me up in prayers after my last posting. I can't even begin to tell you how everything changed within the next day! I was so touched by the swarm of emails that filled up my inbox and the phone calls that followed... THANK YOU!

Yesterday I had to say good bye to my little car pool buddy from work. I was sad.

We rode to work together for almost 7 months and became to know and learn about one another, and sit next to each other in our little cubes. He made fun of me when telling stories...for example, when I would say, "Mom called last night." His reply would be, "Our mom or YOUR mom?" I guess I was supposed to say 'My mom called me last night.' Or he thought it was funny to say, "Hey is mom giving us pop for supper tonight?" Oh, you funny guy...He made a big deal about taco pizza and thought it sounded like the worst meal ever....same with tator tot casserole - until I made it and he liked it!

He was the little brother that I never had and made me listen to music that I would never listen to and a morning sports radio talk show that I became addicted to hearing every day.

I'm all about chasing dreams and grabbing opportunities that present themselves and that's exactly what he's doing... I'm so proud of my little friend!

He's off to become an umpire in a midwest league/division after attending umpire school in FL back in January. This is his dream job - how cool would it be if we could all do what we had dreamed of doing as a child? I'm so happy for him and will miss his laugh and the way he would say, 'Uh...hey, man' in his fake southern accent. Kid had a big heart and I'm fortunate enough to have become his friend within the first week of working at our company.

Showing off the skills

Good luck, Ice - I'll miss ya!

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