Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Girl Time

This past weekend was such great 'girl time' with an old friend from home - ahh...good times :)

Kelli flew in on Friday afternoon to San Francisco and drove over to my place to meet up and hang out with me for the weekend. We had such a great time together and I began to remember why I have always liked her - she is caring, she is a great listener, she is super intelligent, funny, loving, and just easy to get along with... I loved hearing stories about her kids, husband, and her life in general.

We 'met' when we were 3 years old when her grandpa and grandma lived next door to me. (If you remember me talking about Lyle and Kate in previous blogs, this is their granddaughter). I loved it when I would see their 'hot' van pull into the driveway because I knew that we would get to play outside - even though mom and dad would have to 'remind' me that she was there to see her grandma and grandpa and not ME - after all, we did get to see each other at school every day!

The afternoon started off with lots of chatting, reminiscing, and laughing followed by supper at my favorite place across the street - it was a celebration of sorts, so a pazookie was in order! Great food and great company, who can beat that?

She had spent 40 hours awake by the time we decided to call it a night and head to bed! I don't know how she did it... maybe it's because she's a mom and can easily run on fumes, I don't know? :)

Saturday we decided to head down south to a couple wineries (even though we don't drink wine) and scope out a few places - it was beautiful weather and so nice to be outside enjoying the sun with one another. We had a bite to eat and headed off to another winery before heading back up to my place and relax for a while. The drive was really scenic and peaceful (even though she thinks I ran over a rattlesnake on the road) and it was such a nice backdrop for a day of friendship. I could have stayed there for hours...

That night, my friend Jason came over to go out for supper with us and then head to the drive in movies to see Baby Mama...(Woo WOO!). I think she had the excitement that I did when I first went there, but I don't want to speak for her - I still get excited going there! Once he dropped us off, we stayed up until 1am talking some more (I mean seriously, what more can we talk about?!)

Sunday morning we headed off to church and it was so much fun to be able to share my church home with her. On our way out she said, "How can people know that this place is here and not want to attend?" I thought the sermon was great and the music was all acapella that day... something they have never done before. And just for the record, her singing did not sound like a dead jellybean ;) ha ha ha... (I believe I told her than at a very, very young age in music class!)

After church, we headed downtown to Old Sac for some souvenirs for her kids and look around at the sights. There was a Cinco de Mayo celebration going on that was fun to watch, but I think our day was catching up to us and we decided to head out. However, we had to wait 40 minutes just to get out of the parking ramp (well, if you ask her, it was an hour and a half!) and by then, my nerves were just about shot! We headed back here and grabbed a bite to eat and then she started the sad process or repacking so she could head home in the morning. Boo.

Monday morning was the day I was dreading because I knew my little apartment would be empty again - I miss the smell of her perfume, her hugs, her laugh, and just having a best friend to share my time.

Kelli, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come see me, comfort me, and love me. Thanks to your husband for taking care of the three little ones and home and knowing when a friend was in need - I appreciate you more than you know or more than words will be able to express. I love you and thank you so much! I'll see you next month, my 30 year friend :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, did we not have a awesome time? Just like we never missed a beat! Thanks Marcie for all your hospitality, the kind that only a true, lifelong friend can provide! I'm sure though that it was close to 2 hours in the parking ramp! The kids loved their souvenirs! See ya in June woman!

Two blessings from above said...

Looks like a fun weekend!! I know it is hard living so far away from a best friend.

I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures. I grew up across the bay from SF so, it was great seeing some of my old stomping grounds. I went to high school in a town in the hills above St.Helena. Seeing the wine country brought back so many memories. your blog is going to make me want to visit Calif.

We love the Midwest so much that it would just have to be a visit.
Enjoy the area and the rest of your week.