Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hard to believe another year has breezed by, huh? I guess it's weny by quickly for me because of all of the changes that have taken place in the last 9 or 10 months!? New sights to see, new job, new friends... I guess this is a good time to reflect on everything that has taken place in my life and give thanks to how blessed I have been in all areas of living and the people that grace my life on a daily basis. So, thanks to you =)

I was able to fly home over Christmas and spend time with my family and friends and it was wonderful. (Cold, but wonderful!) It's amazing how quickly kids grow and change, isn't it? My nephew seemed to have stretched up and my niece is losing her first tooth...how fun!

My days were spent with a revolving door of friends coming in and out of mom and dad's house and spending some time in DM with others....time flies when you're getting caught up on lives from the last 4-5 months since my last visit! I got to see new babies, beautiful pregnant friends, family that I hadn't seen for possibly a year in some cases, and friends that know and love me. I feel so rejuvinated when I visit and realize how much each of you mean to me. (Sorry to sound so sappy, but I'm just being honest!) I just had a great time, that's all!

It was fun to be home and fun to come back to Cali....so hard to believe that the weather is so different just a couple states away, you know? Fortunately, the snow wasn't too bad while I was there and I was able to fly in and out with no problems... However, I had to sit next to creepy creeperton on my way to my layover - he had a HUGE booger hanging out of his nose, popped in some DVD with naked ladies, and coughed on me the entire flight. For those of you who are unaware of my germaphobe tendencies, I wanted to stick my head out my window and breathe some fresh air so bad - or spray Lysol in his general direction. Darn restrictions on aerosols anyway.

Hopefully you had a great New Year's Eve and an even better '08 that lies ahead... my resolution is to keep my blog up better... hee hee....

Peace out.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Big Daddy!

Erin said...

I recognize everyone in those pictures! Aren't you proud! When on earth did those kids get so big? :)

Happy New Year Mossy! I miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca C. said. . .
Cute pics from your trip home. I am sure everyone was so happy to see you. Happy 2008 - Grace and Peace in the coming year. Oh, I like the hair.