Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prayer Warriors....Activate!

Ok everybody... my blog seems to cover the masses of family, friends, coworkers, and everybody in between.... your prayers are needed now....

First of all, my uncle is going in for open heart surgery tomorrow... I just pray for knowledgeable doctors, patience to the family while he's in the operating room, low amounts of stress and anxiety, and a quick recovery on his part. I'm sure it's scary as ever and I can't even begin to imagine what he's going through mentally right now... (and I thought having my wisdom teeth pulled was bad.)

Second, please pray for Kate (note the Alzheimer's blog a few months back) - mom emailed me and said that she had a stroke early this morning - not much news on that front yet, but hopefully in the morning we'll know a little more as to how she's coping. First the alzheimer's, then a broken hip, and now this...she has had a rough year and so has the family - especially her husband, Lyle. God we ask that you will please continue to provide strength to Kate and to her family and close friends....

Third, my friend Pam has asked for prayers for family struggles with cancer/hospice, depression, and now a suicide attempt. She asked that the words she speaks to her family are directly from God and not her own...Pam has flourished in her faith these past few years and her passion for God is true and real... I just pray that her words will be echoed in the ears of those who need and thirst to hear it.

Thanks, everybody - with love and blessings... Marse

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