Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Walking With Dinonsaurs

I had the opportunity to experience something new and fun Sunday night at Arco Arena (where the Sacramento Kings NBA team plays).

Jason bought tickets for an exhibition called 'Walking With Dinosaurs' and it was amazing. I wasn't sure what to expect when I went there, but for two hours, I was enthralled with what my eyes were seeing.

Blood would go to those spikey things to deter preditors

New Vegetation

Technical Term: Longneckosaurus

There was a guy (I thought of him as a circus ring master) who portrayed a paleontologist. He narrated the whole show and talked about how big the dinosaurs were, what they ate, the changes in the earth, etc. It was very kid friendly and informational for all who were listening - sure, there was the occasional bloody murder scream coming from a small child when the dinosaur would 'look' at the crowd, but it was still fun!

So these dinosaurs were almost to scale and they were 'driven' by people in small car contraptions between their feet. The car was made to look like a rock and you couldn't see the people inside unless you looked hard enough, but to think of how much skill they had to have to drive these things and run it's legs, mouth, and blink its eyes just amazed me.

The smaller dinosaurs had people inside of them, so all you could see were their legs sticking out at the bottom, but they made it all look so realistic! Even the rocks (which portrayed continents) had people inside of them and moved them around the floor to represent the earth moving into the continents we know today. Inside of those rocks, were the 'vegetation' that would sprout out... it was seriously, SO COOL!


Dino Poo

T-Rex defending baby

T-Rex and baby t-rex re-united

The dinosaurs were loud and you could hear their roars, listen to them eat, the thundering of their feet when they would walk....everything was so well put together; I could have stayed another two hours!


(Sorry that the pictures are blurry, but we weren't supposed to use a flash)


Erin said...

Oh goodness...Colin would have LOVED this! :)

Anonymous said...

That really looks so cool, Marse. What an opportunity to see something like that.


kwise said...

Is Jason really code for "Ross from friends?"

This really is cool!

Rebecca C. said...

Oh my goodness. Aubrey would have loved this, well, she would have been one of the kids screaming, but she LOVES dinosaurs. As a matter of fact the "theme" for her third b-day in March is "dinos!!" It is totally a little boys "set" of decor but she loved it and played with the plates like a toy as we strolled through the party supply place!! This dino group came through our area too - down at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC. Cool stuff - glad you got to see it!!!

Anonymous said...

VERY COOL! My niece saw this too when the group was in Madison, WI. She now likes to play T-Rex rescuing her baby. I have to admit I learned the "motherly" side of T-Rex from her. I always thought they're nasty predators, thanks to Jurassic Park!
Sorry haven't replied to your e-mail. Will try to do it soon. Thought of you today! Suyau

vegasviaiowa said...

I am so jealous that you got to see that show. It came through Vegas, but we were away during it. Nice!

vegasviaiowa said...

I am so jealous that you got to see that show. It came through Vegas, but we were away during it. Nice!