Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yay for Me...

I have a second date tonight with one of the speed dater boys! I'm so excited!

Sunday I met up with the one guy that I really wanted to talk to in the first place at the speed dating thingy and we had a blast. We attended a jazz festival in Old Sacramento and went out to eat beforehand on the river. It was so cool and he seemed really down to earth - genuine, you might say.

(And FYI, I kept my Jazz Hands to myself while listening to the music... remember "JACK, 2000"?!)

Tonight we're going to check out an Italian place for dinner and hopefully have some good conversation over a fat dish of pasta.

Now why am I so excited? Because I hate dating, I'm worse at flirting, and find staring at a person for long periods of time uncomfortable. Plus, I'm scared that I might start to actually like him and then get burned (again). Did I mention that I hate dating?

With all that being said, I'm glad I stuck my neck out on the line last week and am giving this whole thing a try. So yay for me!


D, E, C, & A said...

Awesome! Hope you have fun!!

April said...

I second the yay! Go get em hottie! He's one lucky dude. SO proud of your boldness!