Sunday, June 3, 2007

Old Friends

I had the opportunity to see some old friends from Iowa on Friday and it was fabulous!

After taking the day off and driving up to Reno, I was reunited with Kerry and Kari, whom I had met at church several years ago and have grown friendships with that have withstood the test of time (and now distance). What a wonderful 24 hours I had with these two beautiful women!

Not only was my spirit refreshed, but I felt renewed when I had left the following morning (after crying for a good five minutes). To have a dear friend pray for you and have your name spoken on her lips meant so much to me... I haven't had a connection like this since moving out here and I forget how much a person's heart longs to have a relationship with friends you love and trust.

The day was even made brighter when we spotted a Dippin' Dots stand in the middle of the mall - naturally I had to have a small cup of chocolate mint ice cream 'balls' (it IS the ice cream of the future, you know). Thanks to Jill Ann Oh Huh, I have become addicted to Dippin' Dots and have made a quest to try every flavor that is available. Last year at the fair, I had 3 cups - in one day. Oh it's the little things that make me so happy :)

To start the morning right, we hit the nearest Jamba Juice stand and introduced Kari to some fruit smoothie goodness. She is now a Jamba Juice snob like K Dubs and I have been for the last couple of years! Welcome to the club, sista!

I am incredibly blessed to have friends like I do and Friday was just proof to me how much I miss everybody; but knowing how a little contact with old friends can rejuvinate the mind, spirit, and soul is something that can't be replaced. I thank God every day for each one of you and hope that you have amazing people in your lives like I do. I am overjoyed and filled up with love and blessings!

Ladies, thanks again for the short time we had together - I had a GREAT time and enjoyed every minute of it! Hugs and kisses....


kwise said...

mmmmwwwwwaaahhhhaaaa!!!!! huggies and kissies right back at you... but no crying when i see you next - my heart can't take it : )

Rebecca C. said...

I am so glad to hear about your visit with your friends. How great. Feels good to be loved, doesn't it? Keep you eyes on the lookout for a package from me soon. I hope to mail it in the next couple of days. Hopefully it will help keep that smile on your face.