Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Sights

I almost wrecked my car trying to miss this little rodent.... then of course I had to rubber neck because I've never seen one before. Ah, new sights in the big city :)

Not much has been going on lately with me.

I have been house sitting for a coworker and have enjoyed spending every night hanging out in their hot tub and pool and playing with their doggies. It's so nice to have such an open space, a 'home' to be by myself, do my own thing, and have some personal time.

Last night I went to a slow pitch softball game to watch some coworkers (The Bulls) play after work. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect.

I'm not sure how the forecasters can keep jobs here when every day it's the same thing - High of 90F, Abundant Sun - they nail it on the head every time! I miss the big fluffy clouds back home though. Last week it was cloudy and looked like it could sprinkle and you should have heard how 'down' the office was - they just couldn't believe that it wasn't sunny and a lot of people were a bit upset. I loved it! (Not that they were upset, but that I finally got to see some clouds).

Speed Dater Boy and I haven't talked for almost 2 weeks - I wasn't as 'fast' as he was, so he must have moved on... his loss, eh? (At least that's what I keep telling myself... Morals - check.)

Another birthday has come and gone and who is the cutest birthday girl you know? Here, I'll help you out.

Still studying for my exam and I actually just finished a practice test from my manager - keep the prayers coming that I can pass this crazy thing! Does there really need to be that many rules and regulations? Yowza.

Keep in touch! :)


Les said...

A Your cousin nailed a baby racoon by DMGCC 2 nights ago. It was the last one in a trail of babies following their mama across University....Kyle felt so bad! He couldn't help it, though, and there was lots of other traffic, he didn't want to get hit by stopping in the middle of a busy road. You realize, somewhere off to the side of the road, the mama was going, "Okay, one, two, three......Davey? Where's Davey? Brian, where's your brother?"

Les said...

Oh, and, yes, Racoons DO name their young with human names. A squirrel named Claire told me that..... :)