Sunday, April 22, 2007


it has been 10 years since i graduated from college and let me just tell you, i am not used to this studying stuff... it's for the birds.
for those of you that don't know, i'm trying to study for a licensing exam for work. it is one of the hardest tests that you can take while in the industry and i believe it. the minimum 'study' time that a person should take for this test is 200 hours... minimum...well, 13 down!
needless to say, this week has been very uneventful since all i have been doing is working, coming home, having a bowl of cereal, and studying until bedtime. when i was in college, i would ALWAYS procrastinate before i would sit down to study by cleaning my dorm room. it was inevitable that the room i shared with Amber would be clean as all get out and she would walk in, look around and say, 'you must have a test tomorrow?' some things never change... i have done all i can to keep my little space looking tidy, but when it comes down to it, i need to buckle down and i'm so proud of myself that i have been very diligent this week in doing so. yay for me :)
i thought that i would go to church last night for a little break and during the sermon, i was wishing that i was home. they had a very well known guy come in to talk about his book that took him 13 years to write and i was bored out of my gourd. i wanted to take a picture of this pre-teen kid in front of me because he was sawing logs like you wouldn't believe. his dad kept sticking the corner of his program in his nostril so he would flinch, lick his lips a couple of times, and then roll his head to the other side. this was my entertainment for an hour. don't get me wrong, the dude had some good points, but he was literally talking over everybody's head about why you can't prove scientifically that Jesus did exist and how we obviously have to base what we believe on our faith... um, yeah.... the hightlight was getting free popcorn, too.
after a week of training at work, i am hoping to finally be doing what i should be doing while there now. this will be my 4th week at the jobby job and i can't say as though i've done much except socialize... i really like the people that i sit around and it's such a laid back environment and everybody has a good time at their job... for example, a week and a half ago, this guy called in to take the day off, so his row of cohorts Sanjaya-ed his desk. They cut out 27 pics of the Idol wannabe and taped them in various spots on his desk - in his wedding picture, baby's crib, 100 or so tiny Sanjaya's on his rubix cube, and the kicker is that he still can't find ONE, but they have strategically placed it at the bottom of his recyle bin...which he'll probably never find. Talk about 'Office Space' on a whole new level....
better sign out so i can get back to the grind... have a great week!

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