Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It's only 71F here today and windy - I sat outside in the sun for lunch and watched a group of guys play soccer and a dude fly a kite. It's not every day that you get to see either over your lunch hour!

You know at the beginning of the 'Teletubbies' how they show a picture of a grassy hill? I think it's right outside of our office window. I pointed it out to Ice (his real name is Chris, but we all have nicknames) and now he's a bit weirded out by the hill. If I can ever figure out how to take pictures and upload them in to the blog, I'll include later just so you can see it for yourselves!

I work with a group of guys who have coined themselves the 'Bulls'. Well, now that a girl has joined the ranks, I am now the Bull-ette, but it sounds like Bullet when they walk by and call my name. We had to take a group Christmas picture the other day and they weren't sure what to do with me in it - last year they had a pretty funny 'guy' picture taken and I think they believe they can't be 'funny' with me in it. Little do they know that I take after my mom - we're funny.

There is a program in the park called Sacramento Boot Camp that I'm thinking about joining...rain or shine, they are outside working out Monday through Thursdays for everybody to stop and watch. I've been walking every night (because it's still 80F when I get off of work) for a couple of miles and this has peaked my interest. I picked up a flier last night and it is only $75 per month...however, when I emailed for more information, it's only this price for the month of April, then it goes up to $299 a month. I guess I'll just continue to watch by the tree if that's the case... I've learned that it costs a lot of money to look good out here. All of the gyms are outrageous for monthly fees and personal trainers run around $200 per session. Seriously.... I may need to dust off the Tae Bo tapes and bust a move.

This weekend I'm checking out a new church and I'm so excited. It's called Bayside and it's in Granite Bay - if you're familiar with Lincoln Brewster, he leads up the worship band and is usually at every service....it will be like my own little concert! There are about 10k members that attend on a weekly basis and I'm looking forward to getting back into a 'big' church again. My coworker (nicknamed Dusty Rhoades) attends this church with his family and gave me some directions and info on it, which I thought was nice. I'll definitely have to let you know how it goes because this is something that I've been looking forward to for about a week and a half - I guess their Easter service was phenomenal!

Hope everybody had a great Tuesday and I'll be in touch soon~


Anonymous said...

Big Daddy Bull-ette

Shonda said...

You are NOT funny; stopping thinking you are :-) PP

Kris said...

Did anyone mention that it was snowing here while you enjoyed the sunshine?!?!?? Now, go out and get a sunburn for me!!