Friday, May 15, 2009


I can't tell you how much I love surprises - I love being surprised (well, not like jumping out from behind the door sort of surprised) and I love giving or being a part of the surprise!

My brother, sister in law, and myself decided a few months ago that we would surprise mom for her 60th birthday and Mother's Day - it all worked out so perfectly! Ooooh, I love it!

So I thought I would be sneaky and send a few pictures to the folks during the day of the ocean - after all, I did tell them that's where I would be over the weekend. The first one really was from the coast - but from January - and from my friend, Elizabeth. The second picture was of me at the 'ocean', but I was really at Folsom Lake back in March on a super windy day... I thought that would suffice as the, 'Hey, look at me - I'm at the ocean' picture. I sent the first one at my layover and the second one before my brother dropped me off with Evonn! hee hee...

I got to ride up to my brother's house with my sister in law to surprise the kids since they were home from school. I think they were just confused, but it was so much fun seeing them and kissing their little cheeks! I couldn't get over how tall they are getting and Zoe's new teeth that are coming in! I miss them.

We head out to mom and dad's house after Evonn called to see if it would be ok if her and the kids went out 'to show them something'. I couldn't wait! We jumped out of the car and hid on the other side of the garage while Evonn pulled up to the house. I could hear my dad's voice as they were coming outside and mom wondering where the kids were - that's when she saw me and screamed my name and said, "I JUST KNEW IT!" I think the whole block heard her. We hugged and cried, hugged some more, and cried a while longer... it was so great seeing my mom and dad again!

Friday morning I got to do something that I hadn't done for YEARS - I went with mom to have coffee at her friends house with 6 other women. We ate snacks, had drinks, listened to the town gossip, and told stories. I had sooo much fun listening and laughing with these women! Afterwards we went to mom's work so we could say hi to everybody and visit for a few minutes, then it was back home for the afternoon.

I realized how much I miss the silence... it's so quiet out there - at night when I was in bed, I could actually hear the frogs and not the constant whirr of cars flying by, sirens, honking horns, people talking, and doors slamming. (Which kind of makes me sound like I live in the ghetto, but I really don't!). Anyway, I could smell the lilacs outside, hear the birds chirping, and the church bells at noon playing songs. Ahhh....

Friday night was surprise number two. We had mom's three best friends come over to my brother's house for a surprise birthday party. Once we turned the corner to his house, it finally sunk in who was standing in his driveway - I love the look on her face when she's surprised! They had catered in some Famous Dave's BBQ, Evonn had the house decorated so nicely, we had a super yummy chocolate cake with chocolate chips inside, an Edible Arrangement of fruit, and some drinks to celebrate our mom! The night was spent talking, getting reacquainted, telling stories, laughing, and Keegan wondering when 'all these old people are going to leave'! :)

I spent the night with Keegan (Zoe opted out of camping on the air mattress - smart girl) and in the morning all of us girls met at the mall to have some much needed coffee and a little snack. I loved my muffie from Panera. Muffie. Muuuffie. (Don't tell me that's not fun to say!) After a little bit of shopping, we had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and back to the shopping... why is it when you want to spend money, you can't ever find anything, but when you DON'T want to spend money, you buy up the store? Grr.. I wanted something, but only got a watch battery. And really, I don't think he ever changed it because my watch still isn't working. Jerky.

I guess I did get something though - the generic version of Dippin' Dots, of course! Mint chocolate chip and cookie can never go wrong.

Sunday was Mother's Day and we all went to church together - it was a great sermon and fun to see faces that I hadn't seen in a while. After church we had lunch at O'Charley's and headed back home. Dad and I took the Corvette out for a spin which always makes me happy and smiley to hear it rev up! And it makes me smile when we watch ourselves drive really slow down main street so we can see our reflection in the store windows... right, dad? :)

The weekend ended all too quickly as I got ready to pack it up and head back to CA Monday afternoon. My brother met us for a bite to eat, we said our goodbyes, had our hugs, and the next thing I know, I'm back in 80F weather and back to reality.

Mom, happy birthday and happy Mother's Day - it was such a great weekend and definitely one that I'll never forget! You are so special to so many people, we're all blessed to have you be a part of our lives, and we all love you dearly! "Best weekend ever!!" :)

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