Sunday, May 24, 2009


Have you stopped to think about all of these 'reality' shows that our eyes and brains are consumed with while flipping through the channels? Man, there are a ton of them....

Yesterday I was trying to kill some time before I went to a friends house and I landed on 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'. What a train wreck.

I seriously could not stop watching this show just for the mere fact that these three spoiled, bratty girls were speaking to their mother the way they were. I started crying for the mom because all she asked for was for their respect - (her ex-husband is the late Robert Kardashian, who helped O.J. get acquitted). It was the 5 year anniversary of his death and she was getting emotional talking about him and the girls were telling her to stop crying and that they 'didn't even want to think about him or look at her'.

Isn't this where, as a daughter, you're supposed to reach out to your mom, embrace her with a big hug, and tell her that you miss your dad, too? Or show SOME sort of compassion?? The mom ended up leaving and crying... my heart hurt for her. I do know one thing, if I would have said the things they were saying to her, my face would have been slapped in to next week. No joke.

So what makes these shows 'real'? I don't know any of my friends that drive a new Mercedes SUV? My friends don't have a dad or step dad that is a former Olympian? None of us are 'known' for our shapely behinds and none of us are dating NFL players? This is real life? Do you know that one of the girls spent $19, 700.00 in ONE store on a shopping spree? This is quite possibly a yearly salary for some people. How sad. She didn't even blink an eye....just handed over her credit card and smiled.

And there I sat watching.

I'm mortified that 'John & Kate Plus 8' are making headlines for his 'questionable' behavior and possible affair and that people really like her hair cut. How real is their life of nannies, book signings, the boys of O.C.C. stopping by to give them new Choppers (because what parent of 8 children doesn't need a new motorcycle), and housing a tv crew and having a body guard follow you everywhere?

Somewhere I had read that most reality show couples end up in divorce after the cameras quit rolling and people are no longer interested in their lives. For example, remember 'Til Death Do Us Part' with Carmen Electra and her then husband Dave Navarro? Oh and my favorite, 'The Newlyweds' with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey - I secretly hope they get back together some day. 'Hogan Knows Best' - yet another couple going through a divorce...

I know one thing, when I get approached to do a reality show, I won't do it just so I don't jinx my own marriage. Oh wait, I have to get married first...

Does this mean that I'll stop watching this sickness? Probably not.

I still love 'The Hills' and watching these young kids think that they're important spending mom and dad's money. Do they know that they're termed 'TV Personalities'? They're not actresses or actors. They're not known for their musical talents, modeling careers, or intellect. They're known for being on tv and causing drama.

I think I'm happy living in my real life, having my real bills to pay for, and having real friends who won't throw me under the bus the first chance they get.

However, it is people like me that keep these stupid shows on the air. Sigh.

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vegasviaiowa said...

I really believe that reality shows are responsible for the "dumbing" down of society. The moral fabric of many of the reality tv stars is quite sad.