Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The San Francisco Treat

A few weeks ago, my bff, April, came out to spend a long weekend with me and it was needed so much! I decided that four months is TOO LONG to go without seeing your friends...

I had such a blast showing my friend around town, visiting new places, and of course - EATING! We kept weighing ourselves to see how much we were gaining during her visit...you know it's not going to go well when the first thing you eat is an In-N-Out burger at 11pm. Oh well, it was vacation!

For starters, her poor flight was delayed in Denver for a few hours for some mechanical issues. I was beside myself - after working a full day and so ready to see her, I don't think I could have waited another 5 minutes! She finally got in around 10pm and we were up til 1:30am chatting...of course, this would be 3:30am 'her time'. Good thing she's a mom and is used to running on fumes!

The first day we headed downtown to meet our classmate, Travis, at Mikuni's - an awesome sushi restaurant that I fell in love with the second night I moved to Sacramento, no thanks to Trav! After lunch, we headed to Old Sac to check out the little shops along the wooden sidewalks (think Living History Farms), the American River and the 'famous' Tower Bridge, and to do a little shopping. She got to meet my friend, Elizabeth, for a few minutes and then we hit the Capitol, and headed over to Travis and Jen's for some good food and wine the rest of the night....and whatever else Travis could find in the cupboard! ha ha...

Friday we decided to lay low and head over to Folsom Prison to check the place out. I can safely say, that although it sounds kind of dorky that we went there, we both had so much fun in the gift shop talking to the lady behind the counter. Among the Johnny Cash memorabilia, the wall of confiscated shanks and historic items, she told us some amazing stories from the inside....she used to work inside the prison and I'm sure she could have told us hours of things that we would have soaked in!

Saturday morning we headed over to San Francisco bright and early. I rented a Go-Car for the day in order for us to see parts of the city that we normally wouldn't have known about. It was such a blast and I totally felt like the movie 'Dumb and Dumber' driving this little thing around town!

It runs on a moped motor and you can't take it across the bridge, on sidewalks, or in the bike lane - so instead, going up these massive hills at 35mph, you have a steady stream of cars behind you wanting to run you over. It was pretty intimidating riding next to Hummer's and RV's, but so much fun! We stopped along several places to take pictures of the coast, the Golden Gate Bridge (like I needed any more of that), and the city in general. The weather was great - a little chilly, but super clear, thank goodness. Poor April got soaked by a wave while she was trying to write her husband's name in the sand, so we did have to stop and buy some new shoes and socks for her. I felt so bad. We had lunch at Pier 39, saw the sea lions, and shared some ice cream. Ahh.

We stayed at an awesome hotel downtown at Union Square and enjoyed the night with another one of my friends who came in from out of town. I forgot how much I loved long islands - and how much long islands don't love me. (RT, remember 2fer Tuesday's above Cy's on pool night? ha ha)

Needless to say, Sunday morning came too fast, but there was a diner close by for breakfast and then we high tailed it back home to lay around the rest of the day. We did manage to head over to BJ's for some pizza and a pizookie and that made us happy. Good thing we skipped weighing ourselves.

Vacation ended all too soon as April left Monday morning at the crack of dawn and I went back to reality while she hopped a flight back to Iowa. I cried. A lot.

Regardless, I had such an awesome time and have found that although we can spend 4 days together, I never get tired of talking with her, hearing her laugh, hugging her, and knowing all too well that no matter what happens in our friendship, we will always be each other's friend.
I love you and can't thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule and to be away from your husband and baby just to see little ol' me! I appreciated it so much...You made it all so wonderful....ABSOLUTELY!! :)

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