Monday, March 17, 2008

Air Show

Yesterday afternoon we went to this air show at a local air field and it was amazing! I have never been to a show like this before and I was blown away - literally!

The wind was brutal and of course, being the nervous Nelly that I am, I was so scared that the planes were going to crash into a fiery inferno right in front of my eyes...but no fear, it was spectacular!

There were all sorts of planes out on display from those old time bombers, Black Hawk heliocopters, the Top Gun jets, and the UPS planes... there was something for everybody! My favorites were the 4 planes that had smoke coming out the back so they were making strips in the sky and of course, the featured headline of the show was the Navy's Blue Angels.... I can't even tell you how cool it is to see these 6 jets flying back and forth in formation...A-MA-ZING...

The sound was defeaning at times, there was a lot of excitement built up in the crowd and obviously, everybody was there to see the Blue Angels and boy did they put on a show! There was an instance where four of the jets were coming towards the crowd the other two were out of sight, but not for long as they buzzed the crowd from behind! I am guilty of screaming and ducking down because I completely thought they were crashing (do you see a theme with my fears?!)

Oh man, this was so much fun and I'm totally glad I got to see it and share a few pictures with you!


Erin said...

Colin and Drew LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures! Thanks for making their day girl!

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember these days - do you recall the "fly boy" Allen I dated? Goodness how time goes by!!! Life is an adventure.