Saturday, June 28, 2008


Looks like we have a bit of relief in sight today. The smoke from the fires has been pretty intense the past week and this morning when I got up, I could actually see the hill off in the distance, thanks to a little breeze blowing in from the west.

It's been pretty gross out here and to know that you're breathing in the smoky air is so disgusting. We have had numerous advisories to stay indoors and keep your windows shut, but there are still those people who you see outside running, kids playing at the playgrounds, and women pushing strollers down the sidewalk... am I being overly sensitive to the pollutants?

I'm sorry, but when there is a doctor on the news at night talking about how pieces of ash could get lodged in your lung, I'd rather not take the chances - only because something like that would happen to ME! ha ha...

I think Wednesday and Thursday were the worst days so far.

First of all, the sun had already come up by the time I left for work, but it was a brilliant orange color with a pink perimeter. It was actually really beautiful, but weird that you could look right at it, too.

Second, when we walked outside to our car to go to lunch, the smell literally burned your nostrils and hurt your eyes. My contacts are all jacked up because of it - it's like there is a little film covering them. The smell like a camp fire that you can't get away from because it's constantly lingering.

Third, when we were coming back and taking the country road, there was about a mile to mile and a half of visibility and the smoke was literally rolling on the ground, like you would see fog doing on a fall morning. Creepy.

Here are a few pictures that I took either Monday or Tuesday on my way home from work... I can't remember. To know that it actually got worse than this is mind boggling... we need the rain that the midwest has been given too much of for the last few months!

The morning sun (too bad you can't see the vibrant colors)

Heading north on my way home

Western view

On Thursday you could barely see the outline of the hill from my apt. - here it just look hazy


Anonymous said...

Scary stuff. Yeah, we are in a major drought here as well. Luckily we have not been dealing with fires - amazingly enough!!! It rained for about 20 minutes tonight and we were thrilled. We have had two rains in nearly three months!! What's next - Grasshoppers and frogs? Geesh. My hope is that if people do not have enough common sense to see we are destroying the planet they might be SCARED into reducing, reusing and recycling!! Hey, whatever it takes.
Rebecca C.

April said...

Please take good care of yourself little friend. Shockingly we've had a little smoke haze up here from the fires down there too! Sheesh!

Happy 4th! You are loved!

Two blessings from above said...

All my family still live in Cali. They keep telling me how bad it is with all the fires. Thanks for posting pictures it really shows how bad the smoke is. Take care of yourself and I hope the air quality gets better.