Thursday, June 26, 2008

Follow Up

Here are a few pictures from the 240 that I took while I was back home :)
Noah, Mady, Marcie, Joci

Auntie and Kids

Tough Guy

I'm so cute in my new dress

April, Reagan, Marcie, Missy, Carson

Marcie & Missy

Maverick, April, Marcie, Reagan

ISU Campus from the Memorial Union

Marcie & Amber, my college roommate

Marcie & Kathy, my manager from college

Homedog (Mike) and Nut Busta

Marcie & Mom - the sun, it burns my eyes

Birthday Girl with her doggie cake & candles

Dad & I on Father's Day after church

Mark & I golfing for the reunion

Amy & Jerry (The Cable Guy) - our golf partners

Addy & me in the horse barn

Jacie, Me, and Parker

Marcie & Mom

Dad and his 'girls'

April, Marcie, & Holly

Keegan hitting the ball

Marcie & Heidi


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, Loyal and the infamous "Sparrow Legs" !

Anonymous said...

i'll bet everyone want's to see less of you and more of the vette. Don't ya think? Good pics Dad

Anonymous said...

Wrong, we want to see MORE sparrow legs!!! Woo-hoo!!! We would love to see those famous legs - and those of your spouse head this way - meaning East to NC!!!!! Marcie, great pics!!! You have never looked happier or more beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Parker was going for some cleavage! Woo Hoo, you GO, Park!

Marcie said...

ha ha ha... wow, i'm laughing at these comments - thank you! and dad, one more comment about the vette and i'm keying my initials on the door. ;)