Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Girl Power

I did it. I bit the bullet and bought a new car over the weekend.

I had a bit of buyer's remorse at first, but the longer the week has been going, the happier I'm becoming with my new purchase!

One of my friends told me that I probably felt like I've abandoned the "little black jewel" that brought me out here and I think they're right... I didn't get a chance to say good-bye to the Grand Am, take a picture, or hug the seat. The sales guy drove it away - off to auction, more than likely - and I didn't even get to keep one of my license plates. I was sad - there, I said it.
The sales guys were sort of making fun of people who get an emotional attachment to their cars and I didn't know it at the time, but I definitely had one. I took care of 'her' when she got beat up out here, I had her paid off, loved cleaning it, and I still thought it was a sharp car. I remember the night that I saw it on the lot at the car dealership and told my folks that that was the car I had 'always wanted'....and it treated me right in return.

Now parked in the garage is a new Dodge Avenger R/T - it's the Charger's "little brother". I feel safer driving it and don't constantly worry about how I'm going to get up the big hill to work every day without it spitting and sputtering or breaking down along the highway. The air conditioner doesn't take 15 minutes to kick on, the sunroof doesn't sound like it's going to fly off when it's being opened, and the engine doesn't die when I pull into a spot to park! All in all, I think I've made the right decision...

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Anonymous said...

This just seems to fit you and all the stories you shared during your visit all those years ago about the little Marce with her large glasses challenging all the boys to races in Guthrie Center!!!! I love your passion (your dad's as well) for cars!! Little old me has never cared one ounce about cars and here I live in Nascar country!!! (ha-ha) It is sharp though - drive in style!!! And be careful!!! Rebecca