Sunday, July 26, 2009

Coldplay (Take 4)

A week and a half ago, a couple of my friends and I went to my fourth Coldplay concert and again, they didn't disappoint!

I have talked to several people who have seen Coldplay for the first time 'expecting' there to be a lull or a mistake made by Chris Martin, but it has yet to happen in my presence!

I think this guy knows how to get the crowd excited and understands that people came from miles away and paid a lot of money to watch their shows - even though they're playing the same songs, night after endless night, it's like they're playing them for the first time!

Man, I looooove this band!

Last year when I saw them in San Jose, they came out in to the crowd a few rows in front of me and I was freaking out - unfortunately, this time around, they were completely opposite of where we were sitting, but they played a little 'Billie Jean' tribute to Michael Jackson and they even sounded perfect doing somebody else's song! It was awesome... we rocked out the 'Woo-Woo's' right on his cue, too!

It was such a great time spending the evening with some amazing friends, dancing, singing, and loving on my most favorite band around! I'm already looking forward to concert number five - wherever that will be...

Me, Elizabeth, Tunde

Coming out in to the crowd

Viva La Vida tour

Singing Billie Jean

Going in to the Sleep Train Amphitheatre

Me, Tunde, Elizabeth


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast. Glad you got to go again. And I thought it was so cool to see Billy Joel in Ames in what, 1991?? Mom

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