Sunday, December 7, 2008


It's getting cold here and by cold, I mean, it's still above freezing!

Friday night I went with one of my friends to a middle school ministry 'mystery' outing. We were in charge of taking middle schoolers around town to pray for certain places - for example, the first place stopped was the police station so we could pray for safety, justice, etc. Next on the list was one of the middle schools, the pastor's house, and then back to the church to pray for their ministry program and then to eat pizza! Each place we stopped, we had to stand outside and I didn't know this beforehand - so I was freezing my little tush off for 2 hours.

And just for the record, I decided that I do not want a junior high-aged boy when I grow up :)

Saturday I got a little bit of shopping done and then headed down to Elk Grove with one of my friends to a cookie exchange. I love attending to those little get togethers! We had a few drinks, some appetizers (yay, little weenies!), and a ton of cookies! I think I had at least 10 cookies just sitting there visiting ...they were SO good, though.

This morning some of my friends and I headed out to cheer on one of our coworkers as he ran a marathon around Sacramento. It was so cold, foggy, and misty - I had on double layers of everything! We almost missed him running by, but luckily saw him when he was right in front of us! Good job, Chester!

Elizabeth & Marcie waiting for Chester to run by

He's so nice that he stops running to give hugs!

It's been a great weekend with friends and being able to get out and have some fun! But I'm more looking forward to getting home in 12 days to see my'll be here before we know it!

I can't wait :)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend Marcie! I think it is so funny to see people in Cali with winter coats and hats on! Honestly, I didn't think you would need such things! Sounds like we will get HIT tomorrow with blizzard like conditions...yay! 12 days and counting!
Loves to ya,
Kelli Ann