Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick Or Treat

I'm not a huge Halloween person, but I do enjoy seeing the little kids all dressed up in their costumes every year.

Last year at work we decorated the whole office and my coworkers (or their spouses) brought in their kids to walk up and down the aisles and get candy from us. It was so much fun and I'm totally looking forward to it again tomorrow. Of course I bought MY favorite candy in case we had some leftovers (Jr. Mints....mmmmmm)!

I haven't been to a costume party in years and doubt I'll go to the one I was invited to this year. I get too freaked out about drunk drivers. When did I get all 'old'? Plus, I didn't want to spend the money on something I'll wear for one night.

I think my favorite 'adult' costume was an angel and my boyfriend at the time was the devil - I had light up wings and a halo and oddly enough after a long night of drinking, my halo burned out. Go figure. It was so cute though... do you have a favorite costume?

Send me pictures of your kids so I can see them all dressed up, too!

Have fun and "Trick or Treat!!"


Les (a.k.a. Pinky) said...

My very last year of Trick or Treating (which is what it's called in Ohio & everyplace else that isn't Iowa), I got the brilliant idea that I was going to be Pinky Tuscadero. (Remember Fonzie's girlfriend from Happy Days?! Yeah...I'm dating myself.) Anyway, here I was in pink short-shorts, a white halter top & a pink top.....ummmmm, in October. Almost November. What was I thinking? (I thawed out around November 5th....)

Anonymous said...

My Wonder Woman costume no doubt!! I really thought those plastic gold bracelets would stop bullets!! Ping, ping!! "In her satin tights, fighting for HER rights, and the old Red, White and Blu-uu-uu-ee!!!" Yeah baby!! OK, I am getting WAY too excited. I will forward pics of my little dragon a.k.a Aubrey soon!!! Love ya,

Danny Engesser said...

I created a "Ghost of Halloween Past" photo set on my Flickr account... if you have not seen it yet, here is the link.

Ghost of Halloween Past Photos

I'm not sure what my favorite costume was but, if you look closely, you'll notice I reused the same black coat (that I bought for my Ozzy costume) for four different years -- Ozzy (2002), Neo (2003), Pirate (2005), Pirate (2007) -- now that was a good buy! :)