Monday, February 11, 2008


Today I stopped in to Target to kill some time over my lunch hour and I was happy to see that Jellie Shoes have made a comeback!

Lucky (or unlucky) for me, I still have to wear a size 2 children shoe and they had soooo many colors for me to choose from in case I had some major lapse in judgement.
When I was a kid, I had a light pink pair that I wore until they fell apart and the little piece of plastic would jab the bank of my heel and rub it raw. You would think that if they were made of 'jelly' that you wouldn't have that problem...

How about when your feet would be so sweaty that when you'd take off to run in them, they'd fly off like a rocket behind you because hello, traction on the inside. So now that your feet are sweaty, you're shoeless, and you're running in dirt, you've now made mud pies under your feet. So in order to get the bottom of your foot clean, you would wipe it on the inside of your calf....awesome, matching muddy foot prints on each calf!
How in the world did these things come full circle?
(I'm going back tomorrow to buy the hot pink pair.)


April said...

Heck yeah I saw those too! My friend Kristen and I laughed and wore them for a lap around the shoe dept... then decided that they were not a good idea... sigh. I had tan lines from those Jellies for what seemed like forever!

Anonymous said...

You & Kaley can share shoes! Can I interest you in a pair of Waukee purple & yellow Crocs.....!?!