Friday, October 5, 2007

A Break from the Sun

You know how God always has a way of letting you know that He's not too far away from you?

Well, today was no different for me than any other, but I do know how God speaks to me and it's definitely through nature.

I absolutely LOVE sunsets (too hard to get up for sunrises, but I'm sure I'd love them equally) and anything that has to deal with the sun or water - not so much Gray's Lake sort of water, but I'm thinking about the ocean because of it's infinity...there's definitely more than meets the eye when you gaze out over a large mass of water.

Anyway, often times I will sit outside at lunch and just stare up in to the sky, or watch the golden grass sway in the breeze on top of the hills, and feel a calmness. To me, that's God placing His gentle hand on my back and letting me know that things will be ok - that, daughter, I'm right here with you... so needless to say, I pay close attention to what is going on outside to 'see' any signs that God might have for me that day! Maybe that's why I was such a freak about the weather when I was little.

Who am I kidding; I still get scared and want to wet my pants when there is a tornado warning.

For those of you that know me, you knew one of the reasons that I wanted to move to CA was because of the sun. OH, how I loooove the sun! Who knew that you could get tired of the fireball in the sky and endless days of warm weather?

During the summer, it felt like the movie, 'Groundhog Day' because every day (I'm serious, EVERY day), the daily forecast read 'High 88F and Abundant Sun.' I was so sick of the sun. I just wanted clouds - seriously, God, can you put a few cotton balls in the sky for me? I miss variety - I miss the changing of the seasons - I miss the smell of rain - I miss clouds - I miss the shadows that clouds cast on the landscape - I WANT A CLOUDY DAY!!

Well, friends, today I got my clouds - it was beautiful! Cool, cloudy, rainy, and windy - great weather for Friday Night Football. Who wants a bowl of chili? Some hot chocolate? Oooh, me - I do, I do! Just when I thought God was getting all boring on me and forgetting about what I like (because sometimes it is all about me), I see this lovely sight on the way home.

Thank you, God, for not forgetting about me and letting me know that when I start to second guess these decisions in my life, that it doesn't matter because You are always there with me. I needed a rainbow today and you gave me TWO!!


Anonymous said...

Oh to be a weather person in do they keep their jobs if the weather is the same all of the time? Bah ha ha!! nice pictures, too. The trees in Iowa are getting pretty now and the fields are being combined/picked. Fall is definitely here except for the 80 degree weather!! Love ya, Mom

April said...

So pretty! I understand what you mean (the opposite way) If you ever need rain and rainbows, come on up to see me. I've got plenty to share! ha ha. My eyes are starting to get sensitive to sun because it's rare these days. GOd keeps His promises. Besides, how could anyone ESPECIALLY GOD, forget you?

Rebecca C. said...

Oh yes, the beauty of the Bay Area filled quite a few "voids" for me when I lived there. I hated the "simplicity" of the weather - and can you imagine my dismay due to the fact I am Mrs. Winter?!?!?!? I HATE the sun and heat!!! At least San Fran WAS colder than Hell!! OK, hell isn't cold but you get my point!!!! Was it Mark Twain that stated, "The coldest Winter of my life was a Summer spent in San Francisco?" Amen, brother. Glad you are finding the beauty God provides in nature. Isn't it grand?