Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In Loving Memory

If you've ever had a pet, you know how attached you become to the little furry 'human' who occupies your life, runs the house, and sometimes sleeps in your bed.... and we all know what the pain feels like once you lose your best friend. It's gut wrenching to say the least.

Sometimes you will hear the scratching of their claws, catch a smell of what you think is them walking by, or continue to anticipate the greeting at the door...then you remember that you won't get any of that again. Why in the world do we love our pets so much?

I, for one, was fortunate enough to have two great dogs growing up - Stan and Poopy (not their given names, but what we affectionately called them).

If I remember right, mom and dad bought Stan (his name was Sandy) for $5 when I was five years old - he was a cockapoo and so smart - however, he did not like to 'fly' and he was definitely my mom's dog ... he passed away at the age of 16 and by then I was 21 and in college. Mom couldn't tell me herself, so dad decided to call and let me know - what a sob session that turned out to be for both of us...

Poopy (her name was Tabby) was a Doberman and she was spoiled rotten - but she was so lovable, had the softest ears, and you knew when she needed a bath because her paws would smell like Doritos. After 4 years, I still miss her terribly...

The emptiness that you feel once you lose your pet will go away after some time, but it's never easy. Mandy, I love you and I loved your dog - he was such a lover, he was so sweet, and I liked it when he would stand on top of the baby gate and actually look down on me! If you need to talk, you know that I will always listen and I'll be here if you need me. I know that Big M is watching out for you and you were an awesome mommy :)

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D-E-C-A said...

I remember you talking about Poopy all the time. :::HUGS:::