Monday, August 27, 2007

Mi Pobre Coche

My poor car.
If driving out here through the mountains wasn't hard enough on my car and then getting it side swiped the first night of living here, this happened.

I walked outside last week and tossed my bag in the backseat, like usual, and noticed a tiny piece of glass. I wondered what I could have broken in my grocery sack, but couldn't think of anything. I stood there pondering how this tiny piece of glass just 'appeared' and that's when I looked through the back window and realized that I couldn't actually SEE out of it because it was shattered.

Luckily I had tint on the window which caught all of the glass and acted as a huge safety net. I made a call to an auto shop, took it over to get it fixed and got it back the next day.
Seems as though somebody took a baseball bat to it the first time and didn't break it, so they got it on the second try. Good for them! Nothing was stolen out of it, but at least they got some batting practice in. I have to go get new tint put on this week and out of ALL the places in Sacramento to call, I call the guy who is originally from Iowa! I love small world stories.

Hopefully I'll have the Little Black Jewel back to normal before long and can keep driving it for a little while longer.... poor thing.

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